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Algus is an established manufacturer of sealing machines, thermoformed packaging and full service contract packaging. Our unique combination of products and services enables Algus to provide quality components for a packaging project; as well as, inventory, pack and deliver complete packaged goods for our customers.


Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

On-site Blister Packaging

Retail Blister packaging have been a popular choice for marketing and manufacturing companies for many years, providing a cost-effective means of displaying a product line. Besides providing customized blister solutions, Algus also offers stock programs for a great looking product at a reduced cost.

A thermoform Blister Packaging is a cavity formed in plastic which is then sealed to a blister card with a product in between. Thermoform Blister Packaging are a cost effective packaging solution that allows your product to be seen, but not touched. Algus retail blisters are custom designed and engineered for your product. With quick turn around times on prototypes, in-house thermoform tool design/fabrication we can produce a custom blister in a timely fashion, getting your product into the marketplace.

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The U8 Packaging System

The Universal 8 (U8) Packaging System

The U8 was engineered to offer you maximum flexibility. Our unique modular design allows for multiple machine configurations, alterations and expansions based upon your unique needs and growth. Quick set-up maximizes production time. Our expert team offers the training and support needed to help guarantee your success. The U8 is the machine to take your company's production to the next level.


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Thermoforming Services 

On-site plastic thermoforming

In addition to the thermoformed components, several value added services are offered to our customers through this division. Design through prototype work is performed in-house by a highly competent and experienced engineering team. Prototype and production tooling is built in our tool room where we have the finest tool making equipment available.

Algus packaging design team will come to your plant and work with your engineers and marketing staff. Together they will develop the best package for your product. With years of packaging experience, Algus design engineers will incorporate your product's needs into a package that is unique.

They will also work with you to streamline your retail blister Packaging - retail clamshell Packaging - bi-folds Packaging by incorporating common closure structures allowing for many different products to utilize the same design, saving your company on tooling and development costs.

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Contract Packaging

On-site Contract Packaging

Algus' contract packaging division is where all of our core competencies come together.

Because of our unique blend of engineering and production abilities Algus has the ability to expand or modify production on short notice to meet demanding time constraints of our customers. We currently service consumer packaged goods (CPG), including electronics, hardware and household items. From conception to distribution, Algus is your one-stop source for all your contract packaging needs. Algus provides the highest quality packaging at the most competitive pricing.

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Featured Products

Featured Blister Sealing Machines

On-site blister sealing machine manufacturing

We build automated and semi-automated sealing machinery for the medical, pharmaceutical and the (CPG) consumer packaged goods. Our machine equipment line includes rotary, carousel and shuttle seal machines. All Algus machines can be configured to utilize a variety of sealing technologies, including heat seal, RF and ultrasonic. Customization of equipment varies widely depending on the application, volume and speed requirements, and cost factors of the customer.

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Featured Services

Featured Products

Reconditioned machines


Reconditioned blister sealing machines are inspected by factory trained personnel and reconditioned to our standards.

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Heat Seal Tooling

Heat Seal Tooling same quality you expect from our blister sealing machines and blisters in our heat seal tooling.


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