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Standard  Machines

Standard Seal Machines


Algus' manufacturing processes for Sealing Machines reflect the latest thinking in materials, design, and production. We have invested in high-end design technology and state-of-the-art machining centers to create the finest machines available.

We build automated and semi-automated sealing machinery for the medical, pharmaceutical and the (CPG) consumer packaged goods. Our machine equipment line includes rotary, carousel and shuttle seal machines. All Algus machines can be configured to utilize a variety of sealing technologies, including heat seal, RF and ultrasonic. Customization of equipment varies widely depending on the application, volume and speed requirements, and cost factors of the customer.

We manufacture 6 automatic and 2 semi-automatic standard models for the CPG markets, as well as 2 automatic and 2 semi-automatic models for the medical and pharmaceutical markets. Our equipment provides sealing area ranges from 8x10 to 14x28 inches.


The Universal 8 (U8) Packaging System

The U8 was engineered to offer you maximum flexibility. Our unique modular design allows for multiple machine configurations, alterations and expansions based upon your unique needs and growth. Quick set-up maximizes production time. Our expert team offers the training and support needed to help guarantee your success. The U8 is the machine to take your company's production to the next level.

Details on the EASYLoadR 


20sc1216 This highly customizable machine can be ordered in many different configurations: heat seal, sonic seal or add an RF generator.
Details on the 20SC 1216 
8SRX 1224 The 8SRX1624 is a production-based heat seal machine that packages up to 100,000 units per shift.
Details on the 8SRX 1624 
8SR1216 The base machine is set up for high speed heat seal, but is available as a clam shell blister closer, radio frequency sealer or high speed ultrasonic sealer.
Details on the 8SR 1216 
6SR810 The convenient size of the seal area works well for many types of products and the tooling can be set up for as many products as will fit in an 8"x 10" area.
Details on the 6SR 810 
15SI616 This streamlined unit is highly adjustable and can be readily customized for your specific requirements
Details on the 15Si 616 
EASYLoadR A large seal area makes this machine ideal for large packages and multiple-up packaging.
Details on the EASYLoadR 
Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical And Pharmaceutical

SP1216 Validatable Automatic rotary medical seal machine with Tyvek Lid Feed.

Sealing Capacity
12 x 16
Details on the 8MR1217
SP1428 Our sealers would most typically be used in packaging of the following items:
Physician samples Promotional drug packaging and more!
Details on the 8MR1216
SP 1216 Power Shuttle Sealing Machines are designed to meet the demanding seal specifications of difficult to seal multi-tray medical packages.

Sealing Capacity
12 x 16
Details on the SP 1216 
SP1428 Power Shuttle Sealing Machines are designed to meet the demanding seal specifications of difficult to seal multi-tray medical packages.

Sealing Capacity
14 x 28
Details on the SP1428 
Seal Tooling

Seal Tooling 

  Seal Tooling BUILT HERE!
Heat Seal Tooling successful packaging operations require more then just outstanding machinery and blisters. That's why Algus delivers the same quality you expect from our machines and blisters in our heat seal tooling. We can supply heat seal tooling for new projects, or duplicate existing blisters and cards using digital technology for exact replication.


Seal Tooling
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