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Standard Blister Seal Tooling

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Seal Tooling


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Download Specifications
Download Specifications
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Heat Seal Tooling successful packaging operations require more then just outstanding machinery and blisters. That’s why Algus delivers the same quality you expect from our machines and blisters in our heat seal tooling. We can supply heat seal tooling for new projects, or duplicate existing blisters and cards using digital technology for exact replication.
Seal Tooling
No matter how complex or irregular the shape, Algus can design standard or radio frequency (RF) heat seal tooling to fit a broad sample of blisters for your Algus or Alloyd machine. Most blisters with flange tolerances of 1/32 will have no problem auto-feeding in Algus tooling. Of course, we guarantee Algus blisters will feed with our tooling and machines every time.
  Every complete set of tooling, which includes nesting trays, blister and card chutes, heat plates, plug racks, and feed plugs, also comes with a rubber template so you can make easy repairs in-house, saving you time and money. We test the set of heat seal tooling for an average of 200 sealed packages, or as many blisters and cards you send us. The goal is for you to be ready to run when your tooling arrives.
  For improved turnaround time, Algus offers “quick-change” tooling; an easy and efficient way to complete tooling changeovers in as little as ten minutes! We can upgrade your Algus machine as well as modify some other brands to run “quick-change” tooling.
  Blister Seal Tooling Features  

Heat seal tooling
– product nesting trays 
– blister and card magazine
– blister plug rack
– heater plate

  • Quality construction materials
  • High grade silicone rubber sealing pads
  • Press-In type (nylon) lid alignment pins
  • Teflon wrapped profile seal die
  • Precision profile seal dies to match blister flange
  • No special tools needed to install


Blister Seal Tooling Options  


  • Hot emboss imprinting for date coding or lot number identification
  • Plastic Sealing (RF, Sonic, Hot-Cold, and Crush Pin)
  • Anodize coating improves resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Ceramic Teflon coating on seal die for uniform temperature control
  • Insert product feeding
  • Quick change tooling
  • Spring-loaded retractable lid registration pins for flat seal dies
  • Molded silicone insertable seal gaskets
  • Custom engraving of customer's code or tool number
  • Replacement silicone rubber sealing pads




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