Modular functionality in a medical version

The U8M is designed for a broad range of applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical and related industries. Outside loading of blister(s), card(s) and finished package unload stations are all standard. U8M packaging systems can produce all of the typical blister package including face seal, full face, double card trapped, and a long with carded pill packs, clinical trial, unit dose, foil lids, and specialty films with proper seal tooling installed.

Providing the flexibility that optimizes performance and investment cost, our unique modular design allows for multiple machine configurations, alterations and expansions based upon your unique needs and growth. Servo operated modules allow for “plug and run” reconfiguration without requiring any change to other modular units.


Machine TypeModular Rotary
Number of Product Nesting Trays8
Seal Area12″ x 18.5″
Sealing Unit
Operating Temperature Range
Heat Capacity
32 -700 F
3.9 KW 3900W
Machine ControlsDigital Temperature Controller
Tune Digital Timer with .1 Adjust
Volts 208/230 VAC
Amps 20/30
Cycles 60 Hz
Phase 3
Cycle Speed5-23 cycles/minute
Compressed AirCaptured, filtered exhaust
Volume 20 SCFM @ 20 cpm at 100 psi
Machine DimensionsHeight 72″
Width 102″
Depth 96″
Shipping Weight4000 lb.

Algus reserves the right to modify equipment specification without prior notification.