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Dual & Triple Product Feeding

Need to place the same product in the blister more than once?  Automation gives you that repeat-ability.                                                                                                  .

Clamshell Foldover

Automatically fold over the clamshell.  Useful for plastic to plastic sealing or for clamshells trapped between two cards.

Modular Printer, Shuttle, Conveyor

Using a transfer eject from a U8, U10 or U16 Modular Sealing System you can add this shuttle print station and conveyor for date/lot coding and product collating for easy secondary packaging.

Modular U10 with Insert, RFID & Sonic Weld

Here is an example of the versatility of a U10. This one includes clamshell placement, insert placement, RFID placement, clamshell foldover, sonic weld, heat seal press, transfer eject and takeaway convery, with 3 empty stations for product placement.

U8 Options:

This demonstrates an Insert Feeder, Bar Code Scanning, Date/Lot Code Laser Printing, and the Transfer Eject.  All this is done while placing the blisters, back cards and sealing.

Automated Blister Feeding

See how you can reduce labor costs by automating the repetitive packaging operations.

U8 Universal 8 Station Rotary Sealer

See just how easy it is to dock, undock, reposition the feeder modules on a U8, U10 or U16.  Feeder modules can be used to feed a front card for a trapped blister, feed and insert card, or feed products thus reducing labor.

Algus Packaging – Automation Expertise

Here is a collection of some of our more interesting automation projects.  This should give you an idea of what Algus Packaging can do for you.