Increase production efficiencies by adding automation to our Rotary or Carousel Packaging Machines

Our modular systems allow for extra feeders for a variety of functions. Popular option include:  position an instruction insert in your package with an additional feeder; integrate a Robot to place product into blisters; add pack-out automation to place your retail-ready packages into shipping boxes; print a date code on your cards with an inkjet printer or a laser; verify bar codes, QR codes, date codes or package counts by adding cameras; catch packaging errors before shipment with camera verification and have bad parts ejected before shipment.

With any of these options, our engineers will work with you to meet your automation needs.

Options include:

  • Robotic product feeding
  • Integration with existing conveyors and systems currently in place at your facility
  • Additional feeders for blisters, cards, or inserts
  • Laser or ink-jet date/lot coding
  • Barcode and OCR scanning
  • Clamshell fold-over
  • Pack out automation
  • Packaging labeling
  • Check-weigh system

Robots were used on this U20 Carousel for product loading. An additional robot with assistance of verification cameras was used to eject, reject and yin-yang sealed packages.

This U20 Carousel utilizes several automation elements: robots for product loading, special lighting and a camera for verifying package quantities, a laser for date coding, a hand-off feeder for rotating packages, and label application units for the tops of the packages.

Custom infeed conveyors for this U18 Carousel send product to robots for loading into blisters. Other automation functions include product verification cameras, film lid sealing, and transfer eject onto conveyor.

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