Universal 10 Station (U10) packaging system

10 Station Modular Blister Sealing Machine


The Universal packaging systems were engineered to offer you maximum flexibility in a blister sealing machine. Our unique modular design allows for multiple machine configurations, alterations and expansions based upon your unique needs and growth. Our  Universal 10 Station (U10) blister sealing machine offers two additional stations for more processes to be completed in one footprint. Quick set-up maximizes production time. Our expert team offers the training and support needed to help guarantee your success. The U10 is the machine to take your company’s production to the next level.

Outside loading of blister(s), card(s) and finished package unload stations are all standard. Universal 10 packaging systems can produce all of the typical blister package including face seal, full face, double card trapped, Club style and mock-clamshell with proper seal tooling installed.

Conceived by industry pioneer Art Gustafson in response to a customer’s needs, the ergonomically sensitive Algus Universal 10 Station (U10) Packaging System Blister Sealing Machine was designed with your future success in mind. As your sales increase, the revolutionary U10 is designed to allow for in-plant reconfiguration to satisfy increased product demand and production requirements. This cost-effective system allows for different packaging formats, from simple face seal packs, to complex club store packs. With the flexibility to add feeders for inserting components and vision systems for quality assurance, the U10 offers “the sky is the limit” approach to packaging.



  • Sealing capacity – 12″ x 18.5″
  • Modular “plug and run” feeders
  • Servo controlled turn-table
  • Safety interlock guards
  • Quick accurate change-over
  • 6 open product load stations
  • Full PLC control with 8″ touch panel
  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital seal contact timer
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Emergency stop switches
  • 5-20 cycles per minute



Machine TypeAutomatic Rotary
Product Nesting Trays10
Seal Area12″ X 18.5″
Sealing Unit
Operating Temperature RangeUp to 600°F
Heater Capacity3900W
Machine ControlsOmron NJ-Series with 8″ operator interface (touchscreen)
Volts208/230 VAC
Cycles50/60 Hz
Cycle speed5-20 cycles / minute
Compressed Air
Volume20 SCFM @ 20 cpm at 100 psi
Air Cylinder for Press1
Bore Diameter8“
Maximum Form Depth3 1/4″
Machine Dimensions
Machine Height72″
Machine Width144″
Product Load Station Height38″
Machine Depth144″
Shipping Weight3200 lb.
Operator Safety
ControlsCat 3/PLd Safety Circuits
Guarding and InterlocksMetal/Lexan™ Door with Positive Break Electrical Safety Interlocks
*Disclaimer: Algus reserves the right to modify equipment specifications without prior notification.


  • Blisters are fed automatically into nesting trays
  • Operator loads product into blister (up to 6 positions)
  • Cards are fed automatically into nesting trays
  • Heat seal press seals the cards to the blisters
  • Eject station removes finished packages from machine


  • Automated blister & card feeding
  • Easy to use touchscreen controls
  • Designed to accommodate 24/7 operation
  • Quick tool changeover assures maximum up-time
  • Category 3 safety circuits
  • Feed stations are reloadable during machine operations

Optional Features

  • Heat seal tooling
    • 10 product nesting trays
    • Blister and card magazine
    • One blister plug rack
    • One card suction rack
    • One heater plate
    • One eject suction rack
  • Alarm systems
    • Time
    • Temperature
    • Pressure monitor
  • Data acquisition
  • Multi-Language prompts
  • Barcode scanning
  • Teflon® coating for heater blocks
  • Anodized tooling components
  • Cylinder air exhaust filter
  • Eject
    • Transfer Eject
    • Hand-off Eject
  • Product/Insert Feeder
    • Modular Pick & Place
    • Robotic Load

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