Seal Machine

The E series manual shuttle sealers are designed for ease of operator training and operation. This series of machines can adapt to seal blister packages for a wide range of products by simply changing the seal tooling. E series comfact design fits conveniently on 3.0′ x 4.5′ of floor space. These systems are competitively priced making them ideal for contract packagers or low volume manufacturers.

The E Series shuttle sealers will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.

Seal Machine

Algus Power Shuttle Sealing Machines are designed to meet the demanding seal specifications of difficult to seal multi-tray medical packages. The sealing process is completely validatable using independent instrumentation which monitors sealing dwell time, temperature and pressure variables. The compact design fits conveniently on 3.0′ x 4.5′ of floor space.

Precise and repeatable operation guarantees maximum production results along with compliance to the most demanding quality specifications.

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