E Series Manual Shuttle Sealing Machine

SP1218E and SP1428E Heat Sealing Machine

SP1218E Shown with Optional Accessories


The E series manual shuttle sealers are designed for ease of operator training and operation. This series of machines can adapt to seal blister packages for a wide range of products by simply changing the seal tooling. E series comfact design fits conveniently on 3.0′ x 4.5′ of floor space. These systems are competitively priced making them ideal for contract packagers or low volume manufacturers.

The E Series shuttle sealers will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.



  • Sealing capacity
    • 12″ x 18.5″ on SP1218E
    • 14″ x 28″ on SP1428E
  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital seal contact timer
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Manual shuttle tray system, optional powered tray
  • Free standing, compact design
  • One-sided operation with a two-sided option
  • Rapid changeover tooling
  • Hinged Lexan™ service door for easy access
  • Emergency stop switches
  • 1 – 6 cycles per minute



Machine TypeSemi-Automatic Shuttle
Product Nesting Trays1
Seal Area
SP1218E12″ x 18.5″
SP1428E14″ x 28″
Sealing Unit
Operating Temperature Range32° – 800°F
Heater Capacity
SP1218E3.9 kW 3900W
SP1428E7.8 kW 7800W
Machine ControlsDigital Temperature Controller with Auto Tune, Digital Timer with .1 Adjust
Volts208/230 VAC
Cycles60 Hz
Cycle speed6 cycles / minute (operator dependent)
Compressed Air
Volume5/10 SCFM @ 5 cpm at 100 psi
Air Cylinder for Press
Bore Diameter
Maximum Form Depth4 1/4″
Machine Dimensions
Machine Height73″
Machine Width
Machine Depth55″
Shipping Weight600/800 lb.
Operator Safety
ControlsEmergency Stop Push Button
Guarding and InterlocksLexan™ Door with Positive Break Electrical Safety Interlocks
*Disclaimer: Algus reserves the right to modify equipment specifications without prior notification.


  • Operator places blisters or trays in nesting tray
  • Operator loads product, puts card stock in place, pushes tray into seal position
  • Packages are then sealed at predetermined temperature, pressure, and dwell time settings
  • Operator returns the shuttle tray to the load/unload position
  • Operator removes sealed packages to complete the cycle


  • Fits easily in restricted space or tight to a wall
  • Reduced operator training
  • Seals a wide range of products
  • Quick tool changeover assures maximum up-time
  • Operator safety features standard on every machine
  • Requires limited floor space

Optional Features

  • Heat Seal Tooling
    • One nesting tray
    • One heater plate
  • Dual Shuttle Tray
  • Powered Shuttle Tray
  • Teflon® coating for heater blocks
  • Anodized tooling components
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Foot switch

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