Medical Seal Tooling

for Tray Sealers

Sealing Tray Shown with Optional Accessories


Algus’ seal tooling is designed and constructed of only the highest quality materials that are cost-effective, long lasting and easy to handle and store. Our tooling is subjected to exacting accuracy and endurance tests to guarantee peak performance from production run to production run.

The end result is a Validating Medical Package with unequalled dependability and consistency.


  • Quality construction materials
  • High grade silicone rubber sealing pad
  • Press-In type (nylon) lid alignment pins
  • Precision machined aluminum support bars
  • Precision profile seal dies w/ release cloth
  • High quality and consistent sealing impression


  • Lightweight for ease of handling and storage
  • Accuracy from production run to production run
  • No shimming of rubber or tool
  • Pretested to guarantee peak performance
  • Easy replacement of alignment pins
  • Ability for combo product trays per tool


  • Hot emboss imprinting for date coding or lot number identification
  • Anodize coating improves resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Ceramic Teflon® coating on seal die for uniform temperature control and product release
  • Product Lift System – for fast and gentle removal of finished package
  • Spring-loaded retractable lid registration pins for flat seal dies
  • Molded silicone insertable seal gaskets
  • Custom engraving of customer’s code or tool number
  • Replacement seal gaskets and sealing pads

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